Presentation Folder for Superior Marketing

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Your business has a great opportunity within its grasp. This opportunity is often ignored by marketers, brands and individuals presenting a product, service or idea to potential clients or investors. It is one of the most cost effective tools available and offers many great marketing and branding benefits in both the short- and long-term. This opportunity is the presentation folder, and with some customization, it can deliver incredible results for little expense. A customized presentation folder sets the tone for your presentation or product launch. It leaves the potential client or investor with more detailed information in a branded folder, ready for their perusal. The benefits of the presentation folder are numerous.
Unlike any other form of marketing, the personalization you can do with a presentation folder is outstanding. The simple fact that you could potentially customize each one to a specific person is a great way to connect, stand out and really develop positive feelings in a potential client. This, unlike other options, truly creates a memorable experience with your brand. Imagine being given a presentation kit with your name custom printed directly into the design – it will surely set a positive feeling knowing you are thought of by the company.
Cost Effective Advertising
Customized presentation folders are among the most cost effective modes of advertising available to you. The sheer number of potential impressions divided by the cost, which is only incurred once, results in a highly effective marketing tool compared to other options. Think of it as hundreds or even thousands of impressions delivered from a single unit to the person it is given to, and others who may see it sitting on a desk, shelf or underneath their arm.
The customized presentation folder makes a great, reused and held onto handout at trade shows, events and other places at which you may be presenting. Because you can control to whom you hand them, allowing you to qualify any potential lead before providing them with your kit, the value of your marketing dollar is extended.
Multimedia Kits and Customized Inserts
Along with being able to customize the exterior of your presentation folder, you can also customize the interior with your own multimedia needs. Whether that is flyer inserts, spec sheets, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks or even samples, the interior can be designed to match your specific needs.
Personal Billboards
As people walk around with your custom presentation folder, they are exposing more and more people to your brand. They essentially act as inexpensive, mobile personal billboards who, by association, lend credibility to your brand by the simple fact they are carrying them. At a tradeshow for your industry, these personal billboards generate inexpensive brand impressions by people who are in your target demographic.
The value of a custom presentation folder is often undervalued. The truth about this inexpensive and incredibly effective marketing tool is that it is one of the best tools available to companies wanting to connect with customers. These personalization, handheld billboards serve to advertise your company multiple times over . Invest in this opportunity today and reap the rewards.